Places You Must Visit in London — Jordan Douglas Brown

London has been around for centuries. Millions of tourists have walked its streets and experienced a true afternoon tea. However, there is more to this historic city that what is advertised by tour companies. Although tours are a great way to see the landmarks and discover places to get a delicious meal, to get an […]

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Italy, Austria & Germany: A Road Trip through the Dolomites

The Dolomite mountain range, which lies near the corner of three very different European countries, is often overshadowed by its well-loved neighbour: the Swiss Alps. However, these smaller, more untouched mountains separating Italy, Austria and Slovenia, are equally breath-taking as their Swiss counterparts. Dotted with traditional towns and villages, home to hearty cuisine and picture-perfect […]

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Top 10 Uniquely Moroccan Experiences — Gate 1 Travel Blog

Experiences you cannot have anywhere else are what makes a destination truly special. When you come to Morocco with Discovery Tours, an array of surprising delights awaits. Here is our list of can’t miss experiences for when in Morocco:

Discover tree-climbing goats:  The goats navigate the branches of the Argania tree so they can munch on its fruit

Meet the women of an Argan nut oil cooperative: Witness how a product loved around the world is made right where its source is grown

Call the Sahara home: During an overnight tented stay in the shifting sands of the world’s most iconic desert, stay at a bivouac, or tented campground

Ride the horse of the desert: Ride a dromedary camel amongst the sands of the Sahara

Fall under the spell of a Gnawa performance: Music blends with dance, poetry and spirituality in this indigenous African tradition

Witness the most inspiring failure in North Africa: View the unfinished 140-foot tall Hassan Tower in Rabat, which inspired Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque Tower, the 7th largest mosque on earth

Encounter fire-eaters and snake-charmers: Djemaa el Fna Square in Marrakesh is a hugely popular pedestrian area with magicians, ape-handlers, and storytellers

Behold the school that makes Oxford look like a baby: Visit Al-Karaouine, established in 859, the world’s oldest degree-granting university still in operation

Walk onto the set Lawrence of Arabia: Ait Ben Haddou, located in the Ouarzazate Region, is one of the settings used for the iconic David Lean film starring Peter O’Toole

Enjoy a “Berber Foot Bath”: Soak your toes in saltwater warmed and scented with essential oils and seaweed

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From a Global Wine Tour to a Volcano Expedition, VistaJet Just Launched 15 Exclusive Luxury Travel Experiences — Robb Report

The bespoke program features unparalleled experiences to heighten members’ travel on a global scale.

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Fly Fishing in Montana — Travel and Sport

Fly fishing for wild trout in a mountain river among beautiful scenery is the dream of many anglers. In Montana, that fly fishing dream can become a reality. Montana offers superb fly fishing for wild trout in dozens of beautiful rivers and countless alpine lakes. The scenery is spectacular, and while some waters are quite popular, fishing pressure on most of the rivers and lakes in Montana can be surprisingly low.

Unique among other western trout waters, Montana manages most of its rivers for wild trout; meaning hatchery born fish are not introduced into these rivers. Instead, protection of habitat along with catch and release restrictions are used to enhance fishing.

The result is that an angler who seeks to fly fish for wild trout cannot choose a better place to fish than Montana. Excellent fly fishing, beautiful scenery, along with many other outdoor recreational activities, makes a fishing trip to Montana like no other.

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