Beverly Hills first city to ban tobacco sales —

Here’s something travelers who smoke may want to begin looking for. With many establishments adopting a no smoking policy–is Beverly Hills setting a new trend?

The Beverly Hills City Council on Tuesday unanimously voted to make it the first U.S. city to ban the sale of cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products.

The ban applies to gas stations, pharmacies, convenience and grocery stores, but includes exemptions for hotels and three local cigar lounges. It is set to take effect beginning in 2021.

Local business owners opposed the measure, arguing it would harm sales and could force employee layoffs. Meanwhile public health advocates argued that the benefits to public health outweigh the negative impact a ban could have on retail sales.

So for my smokers–you may want to begin looking out for this new trend when traveling–just in case you need reinforcements, or accommodations!

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Traveling is Scientifically Proven to Make You Happier —

We often believe that we can fill a void with materialistic things.  Yes, material wealth may bring you happiness—however, it is only temporary.  Think about it—Only a few days after a new purchase, the thrill, pleasure, and enjoyment you felt begins to fade.  Your level of satisfaction decreases and often times you feel compelled to go shopping again for the next exciting thing.  We then become stuck in this vicious, damaging cycle of trying to buy happiness.

Yet, we talk ourselves out of travel with excuses of added stress due to inconvenience and costs.  Placing the value of material wealth over experiences.  According to research conducted at Cornell University, Thomas Gilovich, a psychology professor at the university, has revealed that people experience the same amount of happiness when making a purchase they want and when they travel. And here’s the important bit, while the happiness you derive from a purchase reduces over time, the memories of your traveling experience still supply you with happiness hormones for a long time.

Now when your friends, or your honey propose a getaway—stress, can no longer be your excuse.  It has been scientifically proven that travel makes you happier. Studies also show that within the first couple days of traveling, 89% of people report significant drops in stress levels and couples report experiencing increased feelings of intimacy towards each other. As a result, travel has been linked to a decrease in the development of heart disease and other types of stress-related conditions.

So, next time you’re thinking about skipping out on that getaway—think twice. And Remember travel is good for the soul!

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Smallest island in Venice — Travel with Intent

This tiny triangular island sits between Rio de la Tetta and Rio di San Giovanni Laterano, and is the smallest in central Venice. You get a great view of it from Ponte dei Conzafelzi (and it’s close to my favourite bookshop, Acqua Alta) Copyright Debbie Smyth, 23 May 2019 Posted as part of Cee’s […]

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Hotel Review: InterContinental Singapore — travelux

The InterContinental Singapore is a luxury hotel with a historic setting in the heart of town. In this extensive review, I’ll explain why staying here is a good choice, but why I still wouldn’t consider the hotel to be particularly special.

Singapore is an interesting city for a couple of reasons. As a business and leisure destination, there are tons of different luxury hotels with the InterContinental being one.

  • Classification: Five Stars
  • Room Category: Deluxe Room
  • Month of Stay: January

There’s actually even a second InterContinental (Robertson Quay) in the city, which is the newer of the two. The “original” InterContinental Singapore is located in the city center, a good 10 minutes walk away from the bay. Thus, I’d say that the location is quite good, so are the rates usually.

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Island time on Pine Island, Florida — Littles Adventures

After a long, cold New England winter, the warm Florida sunshine is the type of vacation we needed! Even though we’ve visited Florida a number of times, we’ve never spent time on the Gulf coast. After doing some research my husband and I settled on Pine Island for the first stop of our stay. I came across Pine Island while looking at Airbnb on Sanibel Island and kept seeing homes listed on Pine Island. After doing my research I found that Pine Island was more laid back, not as touristy and less expensive than Sanibel. We were sold!

Where to stay

There are a few hotels when you first arrive on the island in Matlacha. We ended up booking an Airbnb in St. James City which is located on the south part of the island. Our Airbnb was nothing but perfect. It was located in an adorable community, located right on the water.(Use my Airbnb code to get $40 off your home booking and get $15 to use toward an experience worth $50 or more.)As soon as we walked in the door, we immediately felt like we were on a island vacation. The owners have everything you could need; kayaks, bikes, beach towels, fully stocked kitchen and washer and dryer. I could not recommend a better place! We enjoyed taking walks around the island in the morning, there is nothing quite like waking up to a water view.

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