Ethiopian rolls out onboard WiFi Internet connectivity on its Airbus A350s — World Airline News

Ethiopian Airlines has made this announcement:

Ethiopian Airlines has introduced onboard WiFi internet connectivity on its Airbus A350 fleet using the latest broadband satellite technology (Ka- band).

With the state-of-the-art broadband satellite technology, passengers can rest assured that they will enjoy reliable connectivity for sending emails, shopping online or even chatting on social media while flying over the clouds.

Passengers can access the inflight connectivity service by purchasing vouchers at Ethiopian Airlines sales outlets including Addis Ababa International Airport customer service desk, boarding gate and cabin crews onboard the fights. Online sales through credit/debit card and ShebaMiles miles are also additional options for passengers to enjoy the service. The inflight WiFi can be accessed with smart phones, tablets and laptops.

The inflight WiFi internet is initially launched on the A350 fleet of Ethiopian with further plans to expand the service on other airplanes deployed on long haul flights.

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Grand Prismatic — Tittle Thoughts

What Makes the Grand Prismatic so Grand?

Deeper than a 10-Story Building
Extremely hot water travels 121 feet from a crack in the Earth to reach the surface of the spring.

Football Field on Steroids
The third largest spring in the world, the Grand Prismatic is bigger than a football field at 370 feet in diameter. A gridiron is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide.

Rainbow of Colors
The hot spring has bright bands of orange, yellow, and green ring the deep blue waters in the spring. The multicolored layers get their hues from different species of thermophile (heat-loving) bacteria living in the progressively cooler water around the spring. And the deep blue center? That’s because water scatters the blue wavelengths of light more than others, reflecting blues back to our eyes.

A Living Thermometer
What living thing in Yellowstone has helped investigators solve crimes and NASA search for extraterrestrial life on seemingly inhospitable planets? Heat-loving microbes living in the Yellowstone’s thermal pools. In 1968, researcher Thomas Brock discovered a microbe living in one of Yellowstone’s extremely hot springs. In the years since, research on Yellowstone’s microbes has led to major medical and scientific advances, including the sequencing of the entire human genome.  Check out for more information and images.

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Japan: Land of Innovation and Beauty — Gate 1 Travel Blog

Konnichiwa travel lovers! Today we explore a country that may not be on the top of your bucket list, but it’s time to clear a spot. This extraordinary country has so much to offer visitors. It boasts unique experiences you cannot have anywhere else on earth.

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British Airways’ Club World Seat Is NOT THAT BAD!

British Airways’ “Club” business class cabins are some of the most extensively reviewed products out there, and the consensus seems pretty simple: it’s not that great. The current “dorm-style” Club World cabin has been panned by everyone and their mother and their Club Europe product is little more than an economy seat with a blocked middle seat and free food.

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A healthy(ish) weekend in Napa and Sonoma, the twin valleys of wine and wellness — City Women & co

Located just an hour north of San Francisco and home to more than 100 premium wineries and award-winning olive producers, it’s no wonder Sonoma Valley sees millions of visitors every year. Same goes for its sister region, Napa Valley, where more than 400 wineries await. Together, the two valleys form part of California’s lauded wine country, an oenophile’s dream come true that has become nearly synonymous with “bachelorette party,” “honeymoon,” and “R&R escape.” And while food and drink are surely some of the area’s most prized offerings, there is still plenty for health enthusiasts to do, taste, and see—ensuring the weekend is met with equal parts wellness and wine. Here are some of the best ways to unwind and recharge in one of America’s most beloved destinations.

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Airline Review: Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class — travelux

The Eurowings BEST Premium Economy Class offers an average experience, which is closer to Economy Class than to Business Class. In this extensive review, we’ll explain what you can expect and why you shouldn’t be to excited about flying Eurowings BEST.

Eurowings has a really weird strategy when it comes to long haul flights. The airline is focusing on low-cost operations, but still decided to offer three classes when launching long haul flights.

  • Airplane: Airbus A330
  • Cabin Class: Premium Economy (Best)
  • Daytime: Afternoon / Evening
  • Food: Breakfast / Lunch
  • Seat Pitch: 45 Inch (114 Centimeter)
  • Seat Width: 17,5 Inch (44 Centimeter)

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