Here’s How Much It Will Cost You to Take a NASA-Approved Trip to the International Space Station — Robb Report

It may not be the moon, but adventurous travelers will soon get an official NASA-sanctioned opportunity to visit space.

Late last week, the space agency announced plans to open the International Space Station up to increased commercial activity starting in 2020. Part of a new strategy to help eventually make the habitable satellite economically sustainable, the move will allow private astronauts the first NASA-approved chance to visit the only place where people currently live off planet, according to the New York Times. But a trip to the literally out-of-this-world vacation spot will come with an appropriately astronomical price tag.

To start with, each visitor will have to reimburse NASA roughly $35,000 per day of their stay. According to a chart obtained by the Verge, that cost breaks down to $22,500 for necessary crew supplies, including food, air and exercise equipment; $11,250 for regenerative life support and toilet facilities, $105 for stowage; $50 per gigabyte of data used and $42 per kilowatt-hour of electricity. Because of this, a month-long stay on ISS would cost just over $1 million.

Of course, room and board is just a small part of the trip’s overall price tag. The biggest cost will be actually getting to and from the station. Private astronauts will have to book a seat onboard a SpaceX or Boeing flight that’s already headed there. That ticket is expected to run $60 million, according to BBC, the same price the two companies charge NASA to “taxi” a fully trained astronaut to ISS.

While NASA is finally ready to give non-astronauts the chance to visit the station, don’t expect it to become the next tourist hotspot just yet. Space onboard the orbiting station will be extremely limited at first. Right now, the plan is for only two approved private astronauts to visit the station each year.

The lucky few who can afford the costs associated with the trip won’t be the first space tourists, though. While NASA has previously turned its nose up to the thought of allowing visitors onboard ISS, Russia, which has helped run the station since its launch in 1998, has long taken a much more relaxed position on civilian travel. American businessman Dennis Tito first paid the country $20 million to visit in 2001, which, even accounting for inflation, sounds like a relative steal.

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The New Four Seasons Private Jet Will Come Complete With Mixologists and Wellness Experts — Robb Report

The full bar will whip up cocktails inspired by your next stop while world-class chefs host workshops on local fare.

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Here’s a Sneak Peek at Napa Valley’s Biggest Wine Shindig — Robb Report

Tickets are now available for the country’s leading charity wine extravaganza. Leaked details promise a pretty incredible lineup.

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VistaJet’s Reveals Its Pet Project for Business-Jet Travelers — Robb Report

The private aviation company introduces VistaPet, a service that offers first-class treatment for dogs, cats or other animals that fly with you.

If you frequently or just occasionally fly commercially with your dog or cat (or hamster, iguana or other member of the animal kingdom), here’s some good news: The airlines are getting better at not killing, injuring or losing pets. According to the US Department of Transportation’s Air Travel Consumer Report, of the 424,621 animals that were transported by commercial carriers in 2018, 10 died and seven were injured in-flight. That’s 0.40 per 10,000 passenger pets, and it’s a big improvement over the airlines’ performance for 2017, when the incident rate was 0.79 per 10,000. That year, 24 pets died in-flight, 15 were injured, and one was lost (lost?!). Two years earlier, in 2015, 35 pets died while flying on airliners, 25 were injured, and three were lost.

So the chances that your pet will survive an airline flight continue to improve. But maybe you want to actually enjoy, instead of just endure, flying with your pet. VistaPet promises to make that possible. This new service from the private-aviation company VistaJet is designed to thoroughly pamper passengers’ furry, feathered or scaled travel companions.

VistaJet reports that  the number of pets it transports on its fleet of business jets has more than doubled in the past two years, and that the number of dogs it flew grew by 47 percent between 2017 and 2018. The company also says that one out of every four of its clients regularly travels with a pet.

With those figures in mind, the VistaJet created VistaPet, which can include four weeks of fear-of-flying therapy for your dog—with the exception of Underdog, canines have a natural aversion to flying. The service also includes a bag full of pet treats that you can dip into during the flight.

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13 Secret Beaches for a Clandestine Getaway — Robb Report

You won’t have to share the sand at these hidden paradises around the world.

Beaches, like travelers, come in all styles. There are the sleek and sophisticated ones, the powdery-soft stretches that make all the “most beautiful” lists and star in countless Instagram posts. There are the party ones, home to lively day clubs and DJ-fueled parties, and the boho-chic ones that chill out with bonfires and sing-a-longs. Exotic ones in far-flung locations are vibrant with color and culture, while rocky ones may seem prickly at first, but end up revealing their own treasures.

But our favorite beaches are the ones you have to work for—the little-known stretches of sand around the world that require a real effort to find. Here, we spotlight 13 such spots—beaches that are local secrets, hidden away, and totally private. They aren’t just exclusive or reserved for a lucky few, but real discoveries, like the beach in Australia that requires a two-day return hike, or another one in Bermuda that only exists for a few hours of the day at low tide. From Mykonos to Mozambique, these 13 beaches are the so special, you might not want to share (and good thing, you won’t have to).


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This New Megayacht Will Take You on the Greenest Galapagos Trip Ever — Robb Report

The luxurious MV Theory is sailing—and preserving—one of the planet’s most delicate habitats.

A bird darts below, his tuxedoed, bottle-shaped body slicing through the cobalt water. “Penguin!” someone shouts. He soars up in great arcs around the snorkelers, chasing fish glinting bright as new dimes against the rocks’ green algae.

Every Galápagos traveler has some breathless eureka moment like this: their first hammerhead shark, a blue-footed booby’s high-stepping mating dance, or clearing the trail for a giant tortoise, so old it might have born during the Civil War. But not every visitor gets to explore the World Heritage site in high style with Ecoventura’s new MV Theory, the greenest megayacht in the archipelago’s fleet.

This 142-foot, 10-cabin beauty offers charters and regular sailings: add on a VIP package for private transfers and tours, plus a sunset Zodiac ride with the captain. The chic minimalist décor allows the wildlife and haunting beauty of the rugged volcanic islands to hold center stage. Expect panoramic views, rainfall showers, and the option for king beds, along with the hospitality, fine dining, and distinctive character of a Relais & Châteaux member.

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